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Contrabass and Tuba

CB series: ContraBass trombone and Cimbasso

CB 118 similar size to Josef Klier T7, Wick 5L (30mm)
CB 119 similar size to Kanstul 2A (30.25mm)
CB 120 similar size to Josef Klier T6, Wick 4L (30.5mm)
CB 122 similar size to Josef Klier T5, Mirafone 24 (31mm)
CB 123 (31.25mm)
CB 124 similar size to Josef Klier T4, Mirafone 22, Wick 3L (31.5mm)
Standard CB rim contour is the same width as my tenor trombone standard rim, but more rounded on the outside. Finishes: S-silver, G-gold, L-Lexan (polycarbonate plastic, not always available)

CB G shallow, for euphonium with a CB rim
CB J medium-shallow, for peeling paint with a cimbasso
CB L medium, for cimbasso, or small tubas

CB N medium-deep, for cimbasso, contrabass trombone, or small tubas
CB P deep, will hold a single rosebud

Correct choice of shank and backbore will improve centering, intonation, and sound. Contrabass trombones and Cimbassos (Cimbassi?) may have either a bass trombone shank receiver or a tuba shank receiver. For best results the shank should fit into the receiver 1" and not wobble. For shank information see LB series and TU series. Different tapers and sizes are available if necessary.

Professionals using the CB series


TU series: TUba mouthpieces
also Cimbasso and Contrabass Trombone

Please note: New sizes and shapes, all standard price.
TU 126-24AW copy of Bach 24AW rim; very wide and round (32mm)
TU 126 similar size to Bach 24AW, Schilke 66, PT 30,60,62,64,84 (32mm)

TU 128 similar size to Bach 18, Mirafone C3, PT 31,32,34,66,68,70,72,80,82 (32.5mm)
TU N128 narrow rim
TU N128FLAT narrow, flat spot on top; Conn Helleberg style (previously numbered 4N-128)

TU 129 my regular shape rim, in this diameter (32.75mm)
TU 129-H2 copy of Helleberg II, including the outside shape (32.75mm)

TU 129-AJ copy of the AJ rim, including the thin outside shape (32.75mm)

TU 130 similar size to Bach 12, Conn Helleberg, Mirafone C4, PT 36,42,44,50,83 (33mm)
TU N130 narrow rim
TU N130FLAT narrow, flat spot on top; Conn Helleberg style (previously numbered 4N-130)

TU 130-AJ copy of the AJ rim, including the thin outside shape, but in this size  (33mm)

TU 132 similar size to Bach 7, PT 48,49,86,88 (33.5mm)
TU N132 narrow rim
TU N132FLAT narrow, flat spot on top; Conn Helleberg style (previously numbered 4N-132)
Finishes available: S-silver, G-gold, L-Lexan (polycarbonate plastic)

TU G shallow, for euphonium doubling with a tuba works!
TU J medium-shallow, good size for cimbasso with a tuba rim
TU L medium, for solo or quintet, quick response, easy high range
TU N medium, good solo or quintet mouthpiece for any size tuba
TU P medium-deep, all-around mouthpiece

TU R deep, Helleberg style, excellent on all 4/4 and 5/4 tubas
TU Rc deep, slightly more bowl shaped, and heavy style

TU T very deep, Helleberg style but deeper
TU Tc very deep, slightly more bowl shaped, and heavy style

Correct choice of shank and backbore will improve centering, intonation, and sound.

Shanks: The numbering system for shanks is as follows:
First letter: indicates the cup letter that the shank is made to fit
Second letter: the key of tuba that the backbore is intended for. F is for EEb or FF;  C is for BBb or CC
Third letter: the outside taper of the shank

Example: PFAm = a shank for a P cup, backbore designed for FF or EEb tuba, with an American shank

Usual taper choices: (see others below)
Am American shank taper
M Medium, halfway between American and European, also for older Mirafones
Euro European taper 

M Larger than Euro, usually fits Hirsbrunners

Shank sizes and tapers: for best results shank should fit into the receiver 1” to 1?” and not wobble

xS extra small, for older Besson and Boosey & Hawkes (similar to bass trombone shank)

Am Standard American taper, labelled either Am or no letter (same as PT small “S” shank, Wick “L” shank, and many others) fits most Besson, Bohm & Meinl, Conn, Holton, Jupiter, King, Martin, Marzan, Meinl-Weston smaller models, Musica, Olds, Reynolds, Yamaha smaller models, York smaller models

M fits most older Mirafone 184, 185, 186, 188; also fits some other European tubas. Halfway between American and European - can be used as an all-purpose shank for multiple horns.

E European (same as PT “normal”), fits most Alex F tubas and some C’s, Amati, B&S, Cerveny, Kalison, Kurath, Meinl-Weston large models, Mirafone 191, Nirshl, Perantucci, Rudy Meinl, Sanders, VMI, Willson, Yamaha larger models, York large models, and other large receiver tubas

H Hirsbrunner (slightly larger than E shank), fits most Hirsbrunners, or use E shank

A Alexander 2 different extra-large Alex sizes: A+ is for pre-1970 larger receivers.

Other tapers can be made for receivers on tubas, cimbassos, ophicleides, etc.

Professionals using the TU series