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Which Series Should I Use?

This three-piece mouthpiece system allows you to build a customized mouthpiece with interchangeable parts. The interchangeable feature of Doug Elliott mouthpieces is made possible by a common interface diameter between multiple rims and cups. In order to accomodate a wide range of sizes from small trombone mouthpieces through the largest tuba mouthpieces, the entire line is divided into several groups, or series, each with its own interface diameter.

Many brass musicians play different styles of music and more than one instrument. Consider all the types of playing that you do and choose a rim size that will allow you to play everything on the same rim. Choose the cup depth that will produce the sound quality you prefer, and choose the shank to fit the cup and your instrument.

ST series: Small Tenor (and alto) rim sizes from .94 through 1.00 inch inside. Choose this series if you play only small bore trombone, will never play large bore, and know that you prefer small mouthpieces such as 11C or 12C. Provides good high range support, but the low range suffers.

LT series: Larger Tenor trombone mouthpieces, from .98 through 1.04 inch inside. This is the original and most versatile series for small bore and large bore tenor (and alto) trombone, as well as euphonium.

XT series: Extra-large Tenor trombone mouthpieces, from 1.01 through 1.06 inch inside. For professional symphony players and strong advanced players who need a very large mouthpiece. This series requires a very strong embouchure. Works exceptionally well on euphonium.

EUPH series: Special series for Euphonium, from 1.00 through 1.06 inch inside. Can also be used by tenor trombonists for occasional bass trombone doubling with your normal tenor rim size. You will need a EUPH series rim; tenor rims do not fit.

SB series: Small Bass trombone mouthpieces, from 1.06 through 1.10 inch inside. Used by new or part-time bass trombonists, and full-time players who prefer smaller diameter mouthpieces.

LB series: Larger Bass trombone mouthpieces, from 1.10 through 1.16 inch inside. Most serious bass trombonists, both symphonic and commercial players, should use mouthpieces from this series.

CB series: Contrabass trombone and Cimbasso mouthpieces, from 1.18 through 1.24 inch inside. Between bass trombone and tuba sizes.

TU series: Tuba mouthpieces, from 1.26 through 1.32 inch inside. A versatile group, used on all sizes and keys of tuba.

XL series: Extra-large tuba mouthpieces, from 1.28 through 1.34 or larger, special order only, not kept in stock. Provides a bigger sound and more open feel. Special order if the TU series is not open enough for you.