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Silverplate is a long-lasting, well-liked standard finish. Goldplating (over silverplate) is offered for those who prefer it, but it is much more slippery, and as a result sometimes feels larger than the same size in silver. Lexan (polycarbonate plastic) is a very comfortable but less slippery material that always feels the same temperature, and stays cleaner than a metal finish. It sometimes feels smaller than the same size in metal. Many players prefer plastic, and it is necessary for those who are allergic to silver and gold.

A player will favor a particular rim shape or size depending mostly on his or her embouchure configuration. Players who place the mouthpiece close to half-and-half usually like rounded, medium to wide rims. Players who place the mouthpiece significantly more on the top lip often prefer a larger diameter and a medium or narrow, flatter rim style. Players who place the mouthpiece more on the bottom lip usually prefer slightly smaller diameters. The standard rim shape in each size range is well liked by most players, and the additional available shapes satisfy most special needs.

Please try the available shapes first, but should you require customization, we can copy your rim or make other shapes, in the range of sizes that are possible for each series. $60 additional charge, no refunds.

My standard cup sizes are designed for maximum efficiency and versatility.  I now make quite a few in-between sizes to fine-tune your needs even more.  B+, C+, D+, F+, G+, and J+ are sometimes availble.  Use the next larger letter shank.

The taper on the mouthpiece shank should be the same as the taper in the instrument's receiver to avoid gaps or disturbances in the air column of the instrument, and to fit well without wobbling. Customization, in size, length, taper, or backbore, can sometimes produce significant improvements in an instrument's pitch or response, and is offered at no extra charge. Some receivers, however, are impossible to fit perfectly due to faulty tapers or an out-of-round condition. Special shanks can be made to fit any brass instrument. The throat is unique to each cup, and is designed for maximum efficiency. Please order shanks with letters that match the cups you’ve ordered - except the + sizes as noted above.

There are several companies that claim to be able to copy mouthpieces. Please contact them for that service.