LT series comparison chart

Some of these I have measured, and others are from catalog descriptions & specifications.

  98   99 100 101   102   103 104
B Giard 5M     Bach 8B
Giardinelli 4M
C   Bach 7C
Wick 10CS
Bach 6C Yamaha 48 Bach 5C   Bach 4C      
D Giard 5D Bach 7 Conn 3
Wick 9BS
Conn CL5
Wick 7CS
        Conn 4CL (narrow round rim)  
E     Bach 9 Bach 6AL
Giardinelli 4D
Schilke 50
Wick 6BS
Wick 6BL
Schilke 51C4       Schilke 52  
F         Bach 5GS   Benge-Marcellus      
G         Bach 5G
Wick 5BL
Giardinelli Symph T Holton VHT (narrow rim) Wick 4BL Bach 3G (old) Alessi 3
H         Perantucci 4C
Schilke 51
Willson TA1
  Bach 4G (old)   Bach 4G (new) Alessi 4
I       Schilke 51D Wick 5AL   Wick 4AL Wick 4AL   Bach 3G (new)
        Houser BB1            
J                 Schilke 52E2 Wick SM3
inch .980 .985 .990 1.000 1.010 1.015 1.020 1.025 1.030 1.040
mm 24.9 25.02 25.15 25.4 25.65 25.8 25.9 26.04 26.16 26.4

Do not take diameter or depth measurements too seriously. The measurements are done on curves, and are subject to varying interpretation. A lot of other factors influence how a mouthpiece feels and plays.

Compiled by Doug Elliott, 2000-2001

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