CB series comparison chart

Some of these I have measured, and others are my estimates from catalog descriptions.






L J Klier T7D J Klier T6D J Klier T5D J Klier T4D
Wick 3SL
N J Klier T7C J Klier T6C J Klier T5C
Mirafone 24
J Klier T4C
(O) Wick 5L Wick 4L    
P   J Klier T6B J Klier T5B
Mirafone H2
J Klier T4B
Schilke Helleberg
(Q)     Bach 25 Mirafone 22
Wick 3L
(R)     J Klier T5A J Klier T4A
inch 1.18 1.20 1.22 1.24
mm 30.0 30.5 31.0 31.5

Do not take diameter or depth measurements too seriously. The measurements are done on curves, and are subject to varying interpretation. A lot of other factors influence how a mouthpiece feels and plays.

Compiled by Doug Elliott, 2000-2001

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