Professional Bass Trombonists who have used the SB or LB series

SB series: [S=silver, G=gold, L=Lexan; W=wide, mW=medium-wide]

Viatcheslav Patchkaev, Russian Nat'l Orch Bach 50B SB S108,J,J8; K,K8
Leslie Havens, Diva, & Artie Shaw Orch Yamaha YBL-622 SB LW108,J,J8

LB series:

Elizier Aharoni, Jerusalem Radio Orchestra Edwards single rotor, 999 bell LB S114,M,M9
Jeff Cortazzo, US Army Blues B50,EdThayers,Edw dual bore slide LB S116,M,M9
Bill Davis, Tucson Symphony Holton TR180 LB S114,L,L9
also M,M9
Stephen Fissel, Seattle Symphony Edwards LB SmW114,L,L8
also M,M8
Craig Gosnell, LA freelance Greenhoe Custom, inline valves LB Lexan114,M,M8
Greg Harper, Denver Symphony Edwards 1023CF single valve LB SmW114,M,M9

for lighter playing and quintet

LB SmW114,K,K9
Randy Hawes, Detroit Symphony B50B, EdThayers LB L114,L,L9
Dudley Hinote, USAF Airmen of Note Conn 62HCL LB L114,L,L8
Robbie Hioki, Brian Setzer Big Band Conn 60H LB S110,J,J9C
Tom Klaber, Cleveland Orchestra Benge 290 LB GW116,P,P9
Edwardo Lopez, Buenos Aires Symph Bach 50B3LO LB S4N116,M,M9
Gabriele Malloggi, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orch unknown, dual bore bass trb LB S114,N,N9
Gianfranco Marchesi, Italian Nat'l Radio Orch Edwards LB G112,L,L8
John Miller, Winnipeg Symphony YSL 613 yellow, Ed Thayer valve LB S114,L,L9

for quintet

YSL 613 yellow, Ed Thayer valve LB S114,K,K9
Rick Reeves, Houston Ballet, Opera Bach 50B, Ed Thayers LB G114,L,L9
also M,M8
Mark Sellman, Savannah Symphony Edwards 987 dual bore LB SmW114,L,L9
David Waters, Houston Symphony Edwards LB G114,M,M9
Phil Zahorsky, San Jose Symphony Bach 50B3 open wrap LB S114,L,L8

(bass trombone played by tenor and tuba players who double)

Mike Brown, Phoenix Symphony 2nd Edwards 1057CF, inline rotors LB SmW112,L,L8, L9
Joe Burnam, Italian Nat'l Radio Orch 1st Edwards 1177 LB S110,K,K9
Tony Clements, San Jose Symph (tuba) Edwards LB S116,M,M9

(tenor trombone played by bass trombonist)

Randy Hawes, Detroit Symphony B42B LB L114,I,I8

(euphonium played by tuba player)

Tony Clements, San Jose Symph (tuba) Yamaha YEP321 LB S116,G,G4

Information confirmed between 1997 and present. Some players may be listed in more than one category.

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