Bent Endpins for upright bass

Previously available through Slava Publishing, now direct from the manufacturer.

We offer 10mm endpins in two styles: single bend and Z-shape.
The single bend style is generally preferred by most players, and is available in lengths up to about 14 inches.
Z style endpins move the center of gravity a little farther back, which is sometimes better in the shorter lengths and for smaller basses. They are available up to about 8 inches. They tend to bounce if they are longer than that.

Bent endpin lengths are measured approximately from the bend to the end of the neoprene tip, for both single bend and Z style endpins.
Please measure the extended length of your standard endpin, and order based on that length. In most cases, the correct length for a bent endpin will be that same length (for shorter sizes), or 1/2" to 1" longer (for longer sizes).

There is at least one dimple in the side of the endpin, for the thumbscrew to lock the endpin in place and prevent turning. I usually put in two or three, 3/4" apart. Generally the best performance will be at the lowest setting, but it gives you some option for adjustment. See the picture below.
The dimples are placed so single bent endpins go straight back, and the current design Z shape endpins are offset to the left which provides better balance.
We can also make straight endpins.
10mm is the size of most bass endpin blocks. Some Chinese-made basses use a non-standard size, and 10mm endpins do not fit. I can make other sizes if you can accurately measure (with a caliper or micrometer) the diameter of an endpin that fits.
I don't recommend it for 12mm or 1/2" endpins because a solid rod is too heavy, and I can't make bent tubular endpins.

Samples of sizes and styles:
Almost any length is possible in the single bend style.
The Z-style endpins are limited to 8" maximum because the Z acts as a spring and bounces.

Bent Endpins

Single bend 10 inch endpin

2017 PRICES:
Single bend $70, includes USPS Priority Mail shipping within the US
Z shape double bend $80 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping within the US
International shipping varies. We accept credit cards and PayPal.

phone 301-871-3535
fax 301-598-9094 (not reliable)

Have used the Slava Bent End Pin on 3 gigs and for all practicing now for 4 weeks. I'm REALLLLY liking it. Puts my bass at an ideal angle, takes all the pressure off my left thumb, and leaves much more room for dexterity and articulation. I don't find it to be "bouncy" at all, as some have observed. The company was great too. The first one they sent me was from my straight end pin measured length out of the bass. When I got the first bent shaft from Slava, it felt shorter than I wanted. I asked, and they sent me 3 more end pins of varying lengths and told me that I could try them all out and keep the one I liked the best. I was out of town for two weeks and then sent them back and they were completely understanding. Great company, great service, and I highly recommend trying one out. (RS posted on TalkBass, August 2014)

Got it yesterday and it's fantastic- thanks for making it and sending it so quickly! (LP in New Jersey, January 2015)

NOTE: I have noticed that the rubber tips I've been supplying are sometimes not adequately supportive for the weight of the bass at the playing angle. PLEASE let me know if you're having a problem with that - I will now be making the tips longer, with more of it gripping the steel rod. That seems to take care of the problem. If you bought an endpin from me, or one that I made for Slava Publishing, I'll send you a new longer rubber tip at no charge.

I am also experimenting with threading and pointing the end to accept standard screw-on tips. More on that later...

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